My Mission!

I love pumpkins.  Fat or skinny, tall or short, small or large, lumpy or smooth, round or off shaped, orange, white or green, I love them all.  I love every part of carving a pumpkin, from cutting off the top to pulling out the guts, but most of all I love when you get to light the candle and turn off all the lights and see your final product.

Each year my love of pumpkin carving seems to grow.  It started with only a few carved for the front steps on the night of Halloween.  Progressively the stairs got fuller and fuller as the years moved on.  When finally I decided that pumpkins should not be enjoyed only on the few days around Halloween but for the entire month!  Last year I carved around 15 pumpkins, including two which we picked from a pumpkin patch,  weighing around 40 pounds.  I loved the chance to carve so many different faces, designs, creatures and people.  So this year I am setting myself a goal, why you ask.  I’m not really sure.  Seems like a fun thing to challenge myself with.

My goal for this October is to carve 30+ pumpkins in 30 days.  I will take pictures along the way, from pumpkin patch visits to finished products.  I hope you enjoy following me on my journey.

I was babysitting my 2 year old niece this past Sunday and while at the farmers market she picked out the first pumpkin of the year.  With her help in gutting it we were able to create the first silly face of the year in September, that’s a first for me!

And for the first pumpkin of the 30 to come today I carved…

These pictures were taking with my phone.  I’ll try to use something better next time.

One response to “My Mission!

  1. Hey Beckster…didn’t realize you actually did all the pumpkins…wow!!!!!

    What an artist you are…talented girl….love them all:)

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