As Halloween is coming I thought I would try some more “festive” pumpkins.  I struggled with this one a little bit because I picked a pumpkin that was a wee to small.  So in order to shadow the pumpkin I thought I would use tonight to show you how to take a picture of your own and make a stencil.

First thing you have to do is pick a picture…

Then you need to open the picture in photoshop in order to cut out the person or object you want to use….

Next you need to desaturate the picture (Image/Adjustments/Desaturate)….

In order to have the three shades (cut, shaved, orange) you need to posterize the photo (Image/Adjustments/Posterize) and lower it to three levels…

And then like magic you have the stencil you simply need to trace onto the pumpkin and cut.

Tips**  Avoid pictures that give you a lot of white area.  As well be sure that any black is not floating, it must be connected in one way to the edge of the pumpkin.  And finally pick a large enough pumpkin so you will be able to cut out the details.

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