The Gorilla Grizzly

Today I stopped by Michael’s on my way home in search of some new carving tools.  I have a great set of wood carving tools that are great for the 2D images, but when it comes to these 3D I have found that a simple pairing knife (only tool used for yesterday’s post) and basic clay carving tools work best.  So I picked up a few new clay tools for tonight’s pumpkin.  While at Michael’s I also saw those artificial pumpkins, I bought one to see how it compares to the real thing.  I love the idea that it can last for a significantly longer period, but something about the smell and the texture of a real pumpkin is going to be hard to beat.  Either way I will give it a try this weekend and report back

This was my attempt at creating a Grizzly bear, the final product ended more as a Gorilla crossed with a Grizzly.  However all in all I was happy with the outcome.

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