Hello 3D

Tonight I present to you a 3 dimensional Hello Kitty.  Tonight I sculpted this pumpkin as well as hollowing it out, unlike my other sculptured pumpkins.  No I have not developed a Hello Kitty obsession both of these were for other people.



4 responses to “Hello 3D

  1. My girlfriend is kinda stuck on hello kitty. Better yet she’s obsessed. I wanted to carve a pumkin for her with hello kitty on it. I don’t think I can do a 3d carving but my question Is what materials would I need to do a regular carving?

    • All I use for the non 3D pumpkins is a stencil, some carbon paper to trace, you can also just use something to poke the holes through, then I use the knives you can buy at any halloween place and the shaving tool that comes with them. Good luck!!

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