Get out there and vote!

With the Federal election today it seemed fitting to carve a few of the top runners!

You’re not allowed to whine or complain about something if you can do something about it.  I don’t care who you vote for, but this is your ability to do something about it. So  get out and vote… Or don’t complain about the outcome.

 Justin TrudeauStephen HarperHarper Trudeau

2 responses to “Get out there and vote!

  1. Awesome job on those pumpkins. I have a question. How do you transfer the picture to the pumpkin with ink? I saw that freddy krueger pumpkin that had the picture drawn on the picture with ink. And I would really appreciate it if you let me know how to do that. Thank You 🙂

    • I use carbon paper. Tape it and the image to the pumpkin and trace the picture. Gives you a perfect template to work with. Just make sure the carbon is the right way! I did that once, Oops!

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