The 2013 Ms. Olympia

The one and only 2013 Ms. Olympia Physique champion.

A true inspiration to many.  Congrats DLB!



  DLB stencil



If you like DLB and Rob be sure to check out last years pumpkins.

Another October has quickly arrived!

I feel like I was just doing this pumpkins a few months back!!

Here goes my fourth October of sharing pumpkins.  I am always open to new ideas or suggestions.

The first pumpkin this year is starting me off easy.  Sitting and watching football on this amazing Sunday I had to do a pumpkin of my favorite team.




Go Hawks!

Halloween is coming!

I did these pumpkins to take into work.  I didn’t hollow them out so that they would last longer and stay fresh.  I like doing them this way because they will still be fresh for halloween.  I can hollow them that night and throw a candle in them and they will still look great.