A 3D Skeleton Zipper Face

This is a pumpkin design that was originally carved by Ray Villafane.  He does some amazing work and since I am still trying to figure out the 3D pumpkins I thought I would try to copy some of his work.  It turned out quite well, I was happy with it.   This was a 45 lbs pumpkin, I am having trouble finding bigger pumpkins this year since the weather has been so dry.  Hopefully I can stumble across some big ones to do a few more 3D ones!

From start to the mid point

Dana Linn Bailey Pumpkin

Many of you won’t know who DLB is.  She is a top female fitness competitor and fitness model.  She and her husband started a hand printed clothing company, FlagNorFail.  They love what they do, they bust their butts at it and it shows.  She is a big inspiration for many fitness gals out there.  She is one of my favorite fitness athletes. She works hard for her killer bod.  She’s a small business owner and an all around ass kicking cool chick.  Check her out in pumpkin form.

www.flagnorfail.com   www.danalinn.com

Pumpkin Emoticons

The first (12) pumpkins for 2012.  Here is to another fun October filled with lots of crazy pumpkins!  Thanks for checking out my blog.

Embarrassed, Happy, Cool, Extra Happy, Winking, Kissing, Sad, Dizzy, Nervous, Nerd, Angry, Silly