Get out there and vote!

With the Federal election today it seemed fitting to carve a few of the top runners!

You’re not allowed to whine or complain about something if you can do something about it.  I don’t care who you vote for, but this is your ability to do something about it. So  get out and vote… Or don’t complain about the outcome.

 Justin TrudeauStephen HarperHarper Trudeau

A 3D Skeleton Zipper Face

This is a pumpkin design that was originally carved by Ray Villafane.  He does some amazing work and since I am still trying to figure out the 3D pumpkins I thought I would try to copy some of his work.  It turned out quite well, I was happy with it.   This was a 45 lbs pumpkin, I am having trouble finding bigger pumpkins this year since the weather has been so dry.  Hopefully I can stumble across some big ones to do a few more 3D ones!

From start to the mid point


With Halloween quickly approaching the scary pumpkin ideas start flowing. I hope everyone has their scary costumes ready for the big night!

I’ve had a few people ask what kind of tools I use so I’ve included a picture of the tools I used for this pumpkin after I traced the image.

Large knife to open the pumpkin, exacto knife for fine details, v shaped wood carving tool for the shaving, and the classic pumpkin knife for cutting out sections.