Here we go again – Pumpkin Carvings 2014

Another October means a lot more pumpkins to carve.  I have had a very busy start to my month so the carving will start now, lets see what fun we can have in the next two weeks leading up to Halloween.

This year in honor of the Super Bowl champs I thought I would started this year off with Seattle Seahawks pumpkin.  Hope you enjoy!

The picture I used to create my Sherman stencil.

slider1The results, I was pretty happy for the first pumpkin of the year.

Richard Sherman PumpkinRichard Sherman Pumpkin

Halloween is coming!

I did these pumpkins to take into work.  I didn’t hollow them out so that they would last longer and stay fresh.  I like doing them this way because they will still be fresh for halloween.  I can hollow them that night and throw a candle in them and they will still look great.