Pumpkin Emoticons

The first (12) pumpkins for 2012.  Here is to another fun October filled with lots of crazy pumpkins!  Thanks for checking out my blog.

Embarrassed, Happy, Cool, Extra Happy, Winking, Kissing, Sad, Dizzy, Nervous, Nerd, Angry, Silly


With the big thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night I worked on the place cards for the dinner table. I’m thankful we aren’t having a huge dinner :).  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Enjoy too much turkey, watch too much football, and be too thankful for the amazing people in your life.

Pumpkin placecards

Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers!

The final five.

43 pumpkins later and I have made it.  It was a tiring 30 days and it really tested my creative juices and discipline.  I am happy that it is over.  Thanks to everyone who check out my blog, the constant encouragement made it easier to keep going.  Tonight I leave you with the final 5 from Halloween 2010.  Until next year!  Happy carving!


A logo for the store, it was a little hard to get the full name in the picture.



The wicked green warted witch!


Tribal man!


Giggling jolly man!

A batty evening

Well I have carved a bat. However I do not have access to the Internet other then my phone and it won’t upload any pictures. So I’ll have to upload it sometime tomorrow when I have Internet. Hope everyone is getting all their carving done!! Happy Halloween weekend!

Hello 3D

Tonight I present to you a 3 dimensional Hello Kitty.  Tonight I sculpted this pumpkin as well as hollowing it out, unlike my other sculptured pumpkins.  No I have not developed a Hello Kitty obsession both of these were for other people.



Pumpkins here pumpkins there pumpkins everywhere!

Stopped by another pumpkin place today and picked up a couple large pumpkins that I will save for later on in the week.  I saw my dream pumpkin. Haha.  It must have been around 80+ pounds!  Sadly it was $50 and I just couldn’t do it!


Carved two small pumpkins to take into work.  Haven’t gutted them yet in hopes that they will hold up till Halloween when I will be able to gut them and put a candle in them.


I also had fun making these pattern pumpkins.  I plan to make a bunch right before Halloween to light a path to our front door.  In this picture I have stacked them on top of each other.