Hulk – SMASH!

It has been a while since my last post, a very busy week.  Here is one I did on the weekend.  One of my favorite Avengers, nothing beats a big green man! Hulk smash pumpkin!



A 3D Skeleton Zipper Face

This is a pumpkin design that was originally carved by Ray Villafane.  He does some amazing work and since I am still trying to figure out the 3D pumpkins I thought I would try to copy some of his work.  It turned out quite well, I was happy with it.   This was a 45 lbs pumpkin, I am having trouble finding bigger pumpkins this year since the weather has been so dry.  Hopefully I can stumble across some big ones to do a few more 3D ones!

From start to the mid point

Dana Linn Bailey Pumpkin

Many of you won’t know who DLB is.  She is a top female fitness competitor and fitness model.  She and her husband started a hand printed clothing company, FlagNorFail.  They love what they do, they bust their butts at it and it shows.  She is a big inspiration for many fitness gals out there.  She is one of my favorite fitness athletes. She works hard for her killer bod.  She’s a small business owner and an all around ass kicking cool chick.  Check her out in pumpkin form.