With Halloween quickly approaching the scary pumpkin ideas start flowing. I hope everyone has their scary costumes ready for the big night!

I’ve had a few people ask what kind of tools I use so I’ve included a picture of the tools I used for this pumpkin after I traced the image.

Large knife to open the pumpkin, exacto knife for fine details, v shaped wood carving tool for the shaving, and the classic pumpkin knife for cutting out sections.

First 3D of the season

Well tonight I had some time on my hands so I thought I would take a stab at doing another 3D pumpkin.  Unlike last year when I was doing animals and creepy faces, this time I thought I would try a ladies face.  Well needless to say I think I’ll stick to the more abstract characters. Her proportions are slightly off, but the important thing is you can tell it is a lady.  Below I’ve included 3 progressive pictures of my lady pumpkin.


I know they lost tonight, but this is to celebrate the first win of the once again Canadian hockey team!

This other logo I may have made a poor choice in cutting out the jet.  It looks much better in person then it does in the picture I swear 🙂

Dunbar Haunted House

Tonight we went to the creepy scary Dunbar Haunted house.  The haunted house which was originally done in the Dunbar neighborhood in the residence of the founder, has outgrown it’s neighborhood and had to move to south Granville warehouse area.  The warehouse area has added a different element of scare to the whole experience.  It is a great Halloween outing, a definite must do in my opinion.   All actors are volunteers and with proceeds going to the Fire Fighters Burn fund.  Go check it out…if you dare!!