With the big thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night I worked on the place cards for the dinner table. I’m thankful we aren’t having a huge dinner :). ¬†I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend. ¬†Enjoy too much turkey, watch too much football, and be too thankful for the amazing people in your life.

Pumpkin placecards

Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers!


As per request for the biggest New York Yankees fan I know. ¬†Grant, your Yankee logo pumpkin. ¬†Sorry to hear they aren’t in the playoff run this year ūüėČ
New York Yankee Logo

Send requests!

I stopped at the pumpkin patch on the way home from work tonight and got the first big load of the season. ¬†I’m looking forward to doing a few big carvings this weekend, check back!

Loss of a Legend

Steve Jobs

“Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. ¬†Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. ¬†Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.”

Steve Jobs pumpkin

an icon

appleA tragic loss.


The Raven

Well after a long awaited year, creepy  October is finally here.  Pumpkins abound and carvings dug deep, will these scary etchings keep you from sleep? Check back daily to get the scoop, from evil zombie faces to brain soup.

The Raven

I started off easy but am looking forward to some more detailed carvings this long weekend.  Thanks for checking it out!!

The final five.

43 pumpkins later and I have made it.  It was a tiring 30 days and it really tested my creative juices and discipline.  I am happy that it is over.  Thanks to everyone who check out my blog, the constant encouragement made it easier to keep going.  Tonight I leave you with the final 5 from Halloween 2010.  Until next year!  Happy carving!


A logo for the store, it was a little hard to get the full name in the picture.



The wicked green warted witch!


Tribal man!


Giggling jolly man!

A batty evening

Well I have carved a bat. However I do not have access to the Internet other then my phone and it won’t upload any pictures. So I’ll have to upload it sometime tomorrow when I have Internet. Hope everyone is getting all their carving done!! Happy Halloween weekend!

Day 27!

Tonight Lindsey came over for a Halloween evening.  We started with a delicious dinner, followed by some pumpkin carving which was interrupted by home-made Caramel Apple making, then we returned finish our pumpkins of the evening.   It was nice to have a carving companion on day 27, running low on juice!  Almost there!

Lindsey’s pumpkin…

Halloween for Hunger

Tonight I had a lot of fun making two pumpkins for great cause.¬† A friend of mine is helping with the fundraising for an event called Halloween for Hunger.¬† It is a fundraiser in Langley that supports the local food bank.¬† I was asked to make a few pumpkins that I thought kids would like.¬† Needless to say I figured that the girls would really enjoy a Bieber fever pumpkin and who doesn’t like the Canucks…?